Frisco, Texas and Its Innovative Approach To Building a Strong Community


What is it about that makes a town or city so special to build a life in? Is it the people, the community resources, the education system, or simply its lavish or clean appeal? I’m sure the answers differ between people, but regardless it’s a cultivation of tiny yet extraordinary characteristics.

The key to discovering a great place to live in the sense of care, respect, and accountability necessary is provided for all the spaces that cater to an assortment of different people. A community must establish clear yet mindful boundaries to ensure the environment is created & maintained in the best interest of everyone inhabiting it. 


Do you know of a PRIME example of an ideal place to live in America? Why it’s Frisco, Texas!

Frisco has received quite a prolific amount of recognition; it was voted as #1 Best Place To Live In America by Money Magazine back in 2018! They’ve continued to prove time and time again they strive to better themselves, regardless of the rewards they received; Frisco is a very caring and motivated community.

Now, what exactly makes them so special? Well, they are a well-rounded city with a keen eye for when things call for renovation, and when changes have to be made to strengthen their community as a whole. Everything from transportation to sports even to their holidays, Frisco is determined to cultivate a strong yet uplifting space for its citizens!


What Makes Frisco, Texas THAT Amazing?

Here are 10 (of the many) reasons why Frisco is especially amazing as a place to live, raise a family, or simply live a life of abundance and fun!


1. Lots of BEAUTIFUL Space for Outdoor Activity: There certainly isn’t a shortage of outdoor space within Frisco. Frisco is home to many community, inclusive, and neighborhood parks alongside 10 nature areas. The vast diversity in their outdoor accessibility encourages all kinds of activity for any passion. No wonder Frisco boasts about their parks and community areas; they have 49 parks in total, wow!

2. It’s Expanding RAPIDLY: Frisco’s community is only going up from here! According to Frisco’s website, The U.S. Census Bureau counted Frisco’s population at 6,582 in the 1990 Census. As of 2020, Frisco’s population is now over 200,00 people! That’s a nearly 3,000% population increase within the last 30 years! 

3. ALWAYS Readily Available Community Resources: The leaders of the city strive to provide lots of informational resources for both residents and prospective inhabitants! The town of Frisco gives out portals and platforms designed to advertise business information, demographics, project and program guides, and even a helpful guide specifically for new residents!

4. A Plethora of Interesting Things To Do: From the Dr. Pepper Ballpark to the National Videogame Museum, and even the Black Box Theatre… There is something fun yet engaging for EVERYONE’S niche hobbies and interests! The city also has a calendar for all its upcoming events!

5. Took Proactive Measures During The COVID-19 Pandemic: Back at the beginning of 2020, Frisco’s government officials met to proactively track the progression of COVID’s spread to effectively plan their COVID-19 precautions. For instance, people gathered resources for testing & PPE; in fact, the Frisco public library volunteered to use their 3D printers for the convenient yet prompt production of PPE!

6. A Clean Environment: Among all Frisco’s improvements of 2020, one of the sustainable ones was becoming 1 of 13 cities to sign a new water agreement. The purpose of joining in this initiative is to better the city’s water quality for the citizens’ health AND wellness. This was especially helpful during COVID times. Not only do they prioritize cleanliness for the people, but for the actual city too! Frisco was the city to be given the first Hybrid garbage truck for usage. It’s the only one in America! 

7. They Love Creating Space for Positivity & Cheer: Frisco loves to have a little celebration- especially after all their hard work and recognition! Some fun events they’ve had this year are Merry Main Street, Frosty 5K & Merry Mile, even Breakfast with Santa! The city loves to maximize any (safe) opportunity to spread much-needed holiday cheer! Luckily they provide a calendar updated with ALL community events!

8. Growing Their Community Establishments: Many buildings and structures have been constructed to not only house the growing population but make it an enjoyable place to socialize. They opened the Hyatt Regency in 2020 (for more business and travel-oriented purposes), but also welcomed a new active adult center called the Grove at Frisco Commons

9. They Give Back To The Community: After the first year of COVID, officials of Frisco felt compelled to reciprocate appreciation for their devoted citizens. They awarded MVP Volunteer of the Year awards to various civilians who provided helping hands and volunteer work during the pandemic. 

10. Strong Knit Energy – Especially In Sports: Frisco is a VERY passionate sports community. People love coming together for big games to show camaraderie as well as support for their shining athletes. This city’s pride has rubbed off on the athletes positively; Frisco won the NCAA D1 FCS Championship this past January. They were awarded the Frisco Bowl through 2025! Aside from the avid spectatorship, Frisco is starting to develop a new PGA Championship course to propel the growth of American golf.


If you want to check out all the amazing endeavors and experiences the city of Frisco has to offer, be sure to visit their informational website!

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