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We offer every household in Frisco, Texas—with a middle or high school student currently enrolled in a mathematics course—a free in-home tutoring lesson.

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After your free session, the next step towards better grades is becoming a Math Tutor Frisco member. Our memberships are flexible and hassle-free.

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We exist to serve you. That’s why we went ahead and backed our tutoring memberships by multiple guarantees. Every membership can be cancelled at any-time for any reason. You don’t need to give us “30 days notice in writing” or any silly thing like that. Simply let us know you’d like to cancel and we will get it done. For every membership we offer a 100% money back guarantee for any unused tutoring hours that you have. Additionally, we also offer a Better Math Grade Guarantee for our Platinum Members. Want to learn more? Email us.

“We start all of our memberships by offering you a free in-home session before you even give us credit card info. We want to assume all the risk and make things as easy as possible for you. Then we make all memberships month-to-month and incredibly hassle-free to cancel. Then we also offer a 100% refund for any unused hours that you have. Oh, did we mention that the tutoring hours never expire? Then we also have a Better Math Grade Guarantee for our Platinum Membership. We’ve always believed that supporting our customers is the right thing to do.”

– Eric M Earle