Here’s Why Frisco, Texas Is The Best City to Live in America


They proved all through 2020 they are passionate about making big strides to strengthen the quality of life in this city through renovations and community-based events of the sort.


It takes a lot of hard work and lots of detailed research to find the PERFECT place to live.


Of course, everybody has their unique tastes & preferences, but there is a universal necessity for various core aspects. There has to be a strong sense of community, safety, diversity, and innovation incorporated into convenient yet quality establishments. 


There has been one outstanding location in America that has proven time and time again their devoted dedication to improving the lives of all citizens: Frisco, Texas!


Frisco landed the number one spot on Money’s prestigious list of Best Places To Live back in 2018. Since then, they’ve continued to commit to that amazing title through all the work in motion they’ve propelled in 2020!


2020 was a crazy year for us all in light of the COVD-19 Pandemic, which is why Frisco’s greatest leaders and citizens did everything they could to strengthen the community physically, financially, socially, and so much more. 


There are a plethora of reasons why Frisco remains the best of the best, so we’ve summarized them for you! All of this exciting news about their motion in progress is from a Youtube video about Frisco’s amazing 2020 Year In Review!


Once the city reached a population of 200,000 residents, they took it upon themselves to give that growing population some much-needed space to experience the beautiful environment. The city acquired a plant property to fulfill its dream of building Grand Park! To provide the quality park they know they’ve wanted for some time now, they took total control of the cleanup process to ensure cleanliness and safety for all!


Speaking of cleanliness, Frisco was 1 of 13 cities to sign the New Water Agreement! It’s a great way to improve the overall water quality for the citizens and their health, especially during COVID times.


Frisco is an avid sports community, typically coming together for big sports games to show support and camaraderie. This city’s pride has rubbed off on the athletes positively; not only did they win the NCAA D1 FCS Championship in January 2021, but they’ve also been awarded the Frisco Bowl through 2025! They just love sports so much, they’ve started developing the new PGA Championship course and a brand spanking new Headquarters.


The city of Frisco loves to keep establishments lively and fresh. They had two major grand openings this year! They opened the Hyatt Regency in 2020, but the big crowd-pleaser is the new active adult center known as the Grove! 


Frisco wouldn’t be such a tight-knit community without its helping hands. The city awarded the MVP Volunteers of the Year award to the many helping hands for their valiant efforts to better everybody’s lives around them.


This city continues the theme of help through its public safety measures. At the beginning of 2020, the government officials of Frisco met for tedious tracking of the pandemic to provide proper COVID-19 precautions. They gathered resources for testing and PPE; in fact, the public library utilized their 3D printers to create PPE for members of the community! The library is an especially wonderful resource to the city. Aside from their assistance with PPE production, they got a new mobile for book distribution that was safe and comfortable for cautious individuals. 


In light of keeping the community safe, there were multiple mobility solutions installed. Some of the city’s main roads such as Lebanon Road were widened to ensure better safety and transportation for drivers. They even included areas of major road work on the mobile app Waze to raise precautionary traffic awareness! 


Here’s a fun fact about mobiles in Frisco: did you know they use the first Hybrid garbage truck? It’s the only one in America! How’s that for keeping it clean!


Frisco has done so much growth and renovation they deserve a little celebration. Two of their biggest city-wide celebrations happen at the end of the year. They had HalGLOWeen, where residents got to hand out candy as cars drove by to reaffirm social distancing precautions. They did the same thing for Christmas by hosting Merry Main Street: Dashing Through the Square. COVID was surely not to stop this city from spreading much-needed holiday cheer!


Frisco spends 365 days a year doing nothing but the best for its community. It’s no wonder they won Best City to Live In! Next time you’re thinking about a big move and need a good place to relocate, Frisco might just be for you!


For all upcoming events and advancements involving the city, be sure to visit Frisco’s informational website


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