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The concept for Math Tutor Frisco began in 2021 when one of the Earle brothers—Eric—read a book on living. The book was called A Year to Live. And it was actually a book on both living & dying. The premise of the book was that most people who are faced with a terminal illness, with only one year left to live, the final year of their life ends up being the most profound, impactful, and heartfelt one. So, the idea of the book was, why wait to live fully? Why wait for a cancer diagnosis to start living your best life? 

What if we could take even 80% of the benefit of our “final year” — and live that year while we’re young and healthy? That’s what Eric decided to do. The book made him think so much about how he’d like his final year of life to look. Who would he like to become? What would he like to accomplish? What kind of impact could he make? 

Eric realized that the biggest and most important mission for him was to help change the mathematics education system in the state of Texas. So he and his brother started two local tutoring websites in Austin and Frisco Texas. 

Without Andy, this would have all just been an idea floating around Eric’s mind. But Andy had the practical skills and know-how to put the idea into action. Andy is the host of the number one podcast for parents on how to talk with teenagers. He also owns a ghostwriting company and has ghost-written a best-selling book. 

Together, the brothers combined their skill-sets and launched Math Tutor Frisco. 

One thing the brothers were strongly in agreement on was this simple idea: Math Tutor Frisco existed to serve customers. It was their burning desire and mission to build the most customer centric local tutoring company to ever exist in all of human history. And they set out to do it right here in Frisco, Texas. 

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Eric M Earle


Eric Earle used to hate math. Throughout all of elementary, middle, high school, and even college, Eric actively avoided math and poked-fun at how useless it was. He mainly skated by in math. He copied off his neighbors (Wolfgang, Jeff, and others). But he never really learned the material. And so he fell further and further behind. 

But one day in his mid-twenties Eric had a life-changing experience while volunteering high up in the Himalayas in India. It was here that Eric realized he wanted to become a doctor. He realized that it was his life’s purpose to take care of sick children. 

So when he returned stateside he quit his job as a leadership and communication trainer and enrolled in math and science courses. But his math was at such a low level—basic middle school math—that he wasn’t allowed in to any college math courses or even pre-college algebra courses. Eric didn’t quit. He hired a mathematics tutor and practiced all summer. By the fall he was ready. He was accepted into a math 95 class. 

He recalls telling people that he was taking math 95. And how people laughed at him. Here was this 25 year old in a high school math class. But Eric excelled at math and earned straight As all the way through Calc II. He consistently scored at the top of his class. And professors widely believed he was one of their best students of all time. He attributes this to three things: 1) the great tutors he had supporting him, 2) his deep desire and drive to master and grow at mathematics, and 3) the active learning techniques that his teachers and professors used in the classroom.

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“this little water fall in Frisco, Texas park is my favorite place in the city… shh” 🙂

Math Tutors With The Texas Spirit

Math Tutor Frisco

The Texas Longhorn is a unique breed. It is a uniquely American breed. The Texas Longhorn is perhaps the only type of cattle that has been breed to live in America. The longhorn has come to symbolize Texas. They are known to be formidable—with long horns and incredibly tough and durable hooves. We believe they represent America in that way—tough as nails.

And while Americans and Texans are tough — there’s one pesky little subject they can’t always tackle — mathematics.

We know that it’s hard. It can be frustrating and even anger or rage-inducing at times. We know. But that’s also why we’ve made it our mission to help kids improve and gain more confidence at math. We always bring the spirit of Texas into every tutoring session that we do. We believe that being tough and resilient — getting up after we’ve fallen — is one key element of success that we bring. 

We always want to teach our students, that if they fall down 7 times, they must stand up 8 times. In that, they will find success. Math is a game of numbers (haha!). It boils down to how much work and effort you are putting into it. And how much deliberate effortful practice you put in. We know that having sessions with a tutor can significantly reduce your stress and the amount of time your kiddo has to spent sitting at the kitchen counter moping about math. 

Math is fun. 

It has countless practical uses—from farming to philanthropy. 

Anyone can learn math.